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03.04.2015 06:29, Vada from Wiggaton E-mail Homepage :
Thanks, this site is very valuable.

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13.07.2014 05:03, Guest :
Site down which is too bad- I think you did a fine job of it.
Little late, but thank you.
Take care.

24.10.2010 16:44, Guest :
Therese had 5 children.
Sean Brown was the last.

16.09.2010 02:05, Susan Stern from Omaha, NE E-mail Homepage :
The new and improved website is scheduled to up and running on Fridya.

22.11.2008 18:57, Pat Bridges from Newton, NC E-mail Homepage :
Well, today is grandpop Weber's 109th birthday and it looks like I may have been wrong about "If you build it they will come" so it seems this venture was a waste of time. I'll keep the website up anyway. Our extended family appears to be permanently fractured never to be reunited except maybe for the few remaining funerals of aunts and uncles we have left. How sad.

30.09.2008 21:59, Eugene Weber E-mail :
Hey! cousins, aunts and uncles out there. I'm now as old as when a child I thought, "Now that's old!" I miss those days gone by when we weren't so far from our beginnings and nearer, closer to each other. A lot has happened to ourselves and families since then, no doubt. Some great things and of course, not so. Sure would like to see this site build and grow. I'll do what I can to help it along. Thanks Patricio.

30.09.2008 16:18, Kathy Rich E-mail :
I think this web page is great. I love being able to see the old pictures. I am hoping that everyone gets this and puts pictures under their names so that I can check it out. I was able to print out a great pic of my mom, Aunt Mary, Aunt Lee and Aunt Theresa which is now hanging in my office at work. It's amazing all the cousins we have and I don't know everyone. It's a shame really, but, this was a great Idea! Thanks so much Pat. I will send some pics to you soon so that my page is updated under my name. Take care!

09.07.2008 19:58, Pat Bridges from Newton, NC E-mail Homepage :
"If you build it they will come" Field of Dreams

Page: 1
Entries: 8
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